Banking podcasts sure have a come a long way since its early years over a decade ago. It is now considered a serious alternative to get valuable information about everything under the sun. This is due to the fact that a lot of people who feel uncomfortable lending their voice for TV or radio, will do so for podcasts. This includes investment banking podcasts. The following are some of the best examples.

Brought to you by the PwC group, through their app PwC 365 app, the full name is Strategy & Mergercast, they offer advice on all things M & A. You can always expect some of the best minds talking about the complex world of M& A’s and banking. The best part is that its free, which is amazing for this level of information.

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions
This one is hosted by the Corum Group, another highly respected M & A experts. They specialize in trending news dealing mostly with technology world. Don’t be surprised to hear an interview with some of biggest names in the tech world, such as the CEO’s of Apple or Google.

Market Place
The marketplace is known to be one of the best if the not the best finance news podcasts in the game today. They are known especially for their up to date news items, that is brought to you immediately. They also cover topics that cover the things that affect ordinary citizens and not just big industry news such as M & A’s. Once you subscribe to their service, you will get access to a whole menu of news categories such as Morning report, Midday report, and Marketplace technology, to name a few.

Deal Reporter
A branch of Mergermarket, the main claim to fame is short news bits regarding the finance markets, delivered in easy to understand format. They will cover many industries from many regions.

PwC Deal
A branch of PwC group, this one is for the serious professional, working on investment banking. The granddaddy of them all, they are not shy about dipping into their vast pool of contacts to bring you the best info for you.

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