Investment banking is a career that many either know very little about or believe it is too complicated to understand. The latter is simply not true.  Yes, investment banking seems mysterious however, it is similar to widely known careers in the entrepreneurial world like Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor. To sum it up, investment banks do not develop products or businesses or buy products or businesses; they merely to help companies raise money.  Now let’s discuss how investment banks get the job done.  

How do investment banks help companies raise money?
Companies are assisted with raising funds by investment banks in three key ways:

Government regulations
Investment banks work to guarantee that every and all government regulations have been followed in terms of raising money for the company. More often than not, entrepreneurs are caught raising capital in ways that breach NASD and SEC guidelines because they had no idea such rules existed. Investment banks to help educate and relieve companies of the stress that accompanies following government regulations. 

Most companies need expert advice when it comes to determining which strategies to implement and the best times to raise equity capital or debt. Working with an experienced investment bank will save companies both time and money when it comes to making such decisions in the long run.

Preparation of legal documents referred to as private placement memorandums, also known as PPM, are developed by investment banks to protect everyone involved from making a poor investment. This document is designed to represent the actual value proposition for financial banking and ensure the avoidance of any confusion between the company and investor(s).  

Dissimilar to venture capitalist, investment banks do not carry and provide the funds for companies. Rather, they provide a reputable network of private and institutional investors that depend on the investment bank to present them with high quality agreements.
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